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UCLA Real Estate Department

UCLA Real Estate Department

UCLA Real Estate provides cost-effective professional real estate services for UCLA entities, which are continually improved in order to exceed the expectations of our customers and to fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities to the University. We assist campus users with off-campus leasing and real estate license agreements, third party agreements for on-campus space, and coordinate purchases and sales of real property.  We also provide lease administration for our off-campus leases.

Acquisitions and Dispositions

The Real Estate Department, in coordination with the Office of the President, is responsible for all acquisitions and disposition for the campus. Working with a wide variety of UCLA Campus and Health System entities, the Real Estate Department has completed numerous property acquisitions to meet the University’s real estate needs. Recent acquisitions include the former Marymount Campus and Villas in Rancho Palos Verdes and San Pedro respectively (now UCLA South Bay), the Trust Building in Downtown Los Angeles (now UCLA Downtown), the former Westside Pavilion in West Los Angeles (now the UCLA Research Park), and the West Hills Hospital and Medical Center (now the UCLA West Valley Medical Center).

Any property that is not needed for campus purposes and deemed surplus by the campus is subject to a public bid process. The process for these dispositions is dictated by the Public Contract Code "Stull Act." Please see the link below in Related Information.

Facility Use Agreements / License Agreements 

The Facility Use Agreement (FUA) is a short form real estate license agreement.  It is a contract with specific terms and conditions for very limited use of a facility or to hold a particular event at a facility not owned or controlled by the University (University as licensee), or owned or controlled by the University and used by another party (University as the licensor).  A real estate license agreement gives the permission of the owner to an individual or an entity to use real property for a specific purpose. In the absence of a lease or other type of real estate license agreement, a separate real estate license agreement is required whenever one party use another party’s space.  Usually they are used for a shorter term and/or non-exclusive uses.

Lease Administration

The Lease Administration team is responsible for administering UCLA’s fully executed commercial leases and agreements, including processing monthly rent, operating expenses, tenant improvements, and miscellaneous payments to landlords on the behalf of UCLA Tenants/User Groups. Process includes various real estate reporting, issuing certificates of insurance on leased premises, confirming compliance with lease or reimbursement agreement, and obtaining project manager’s approval before processing payment request. Lease Administration provides exceptional customer service, interacting with internal campus contacts and external lease representatives on matters related to the account.