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Home Loans

University of California loan programs support the University's mission by facilitating the recruitment and retention of Faculty and the Senior Manager Group (SMG), by assisting them in the purchase of a principal residence near the University's campuses.

Who Is Eligible for Loans?

Eligible participants are those who are members in the Academic Senate or in the Senior Management Group. In addition to being eligible, one must also be nominated to participate in the program and meet the financial qualifications for the requested mortgage product. Each campus designates individuals eligible for participation in the loan program via written nomination by authorized University officials, such as deans, provosts and senior executives.

The University has limited funds available to make home loans to eligible participants. Whether departments are currently participating in loan programs is dependent on many factors. See your area's chief academic or administrative officer to determine whether your department is currently participating in the loan program and to discuss issues of nomination

Help with Loan Calculations

The UCLA Loan Programs office can help with questions such as, "How much will the payment be on a house with a particular price?" or "What price house can I afford?" Please contact our office: UCLA Faculty Housing & Home Loans at (310) 794-6120 or email

Mortgage Origination Program Loan (MOP Loan)

This is an adjustable rate loan with no loan fees (however, normal closing costs are charged).

Please refer to the links below for an overview of:

Supplemental Home Loan Program

This program allows departments who have the discretionary funds for loans to authorize and fund home loans for Academic Senate members or Senior Management Group members. See your supervisor about whether your department is participating in this program. If they are able to authorize you to apply for a loan, a letter will be provided by them and you will then contact the UCLA Loan Office to receive a loan application.

How to Request a Home Loan

If you are eligible for a loan (are an Academic Senate or Senior Management Group member) and are interested in getting a home loan, speak to your department head to see if loans are currently available and whether one could be authorized for you. Upon receiving a letter authorizing you to apply for a home loan, contact the UCLA Loan Office to request a loan application.

Home Loan for Staff

There are currently no University home loans for non-eligible staff. 

Important Notice

Nothing on this site or in the documents it contains should be construed as an offer or commitment of any kind. Programs and eligibility requirements are subject to change or discontinuation without notice at the University's sole discretion.