Visitor Parking

Wilshire Center Building

Visitor Parking and Validations Policy and Costs

  • Visitor rates are set at standard market rates. 
  • All UCLA blue permit holders park for free on a visitor only basis. Permit holders must abide by the visitor policy. 
  • All UCLA yellow permit holders pay regular rates, UNLESS, you have a valid disability placard, which allows you to park for free. 
  • All UCLA rideshare participants pay campus ride share rates with a valid rideshare or vanpool I.D. card. 
  • Delivery: There is a 20 minute grace period for deliveries. All deliveries over the 20 minute grace period must be paid or validated for the entire time on the ticket. 
  • Operating hours are from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Anyone entering before 6 a.m. will be charged the current daily rate on the way out. 
  • Our visitor parking is tandem parking. When blocking another vehicle, the keys must be left with a parking attendant at all times. To retrieve your keys, simply hand your key receipt to any parking attendant. All keys will be kept your parking level attendant until 6 p.m. After 6 p.m. the keys will be at the Security desk in the lobby. 
  • All visitors must obey reserved parking signs. A space with a reserved sign is not a visitor space.


  1. Validations may be purchased thru the parking office by phone, fax or email or by stopping by the parking office located on the A-1 level of the parking garage.
  2. Validations come in 3 types: 20 minute, 1 hour and all day coupons. Two hours of validation equals all day rate.
  3. When ordering validations, we ask that you include: your name, suite number, types and numbers of validations wanted and mode of payment. We accept checks (made payable to UC Regents), cash or recharge. If you are paying by recharge please include your recharge I.D. and department code with your order. There are NO validations on purchased validations.

Last updated 05/18/2008

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