Monthly Parking

Wilshire Center Building


Parking Application

Individual parking applications for the Wilshire Center Building are not accepted. Monthly parking must be processed through each tenant's Suite Parking Coordinator.


The Basics

  • The maximum speed limit is 5 mph. 
  • Park within marked stalls only. Compact stalls are for compact cars only. 
  • Parking permits must be displayed at all times. 
  • Unauthorized parking in reserved stalls will result in the violator's car being towed at the owner's expense. 
  • Customers must abide by all instructions of the garage/lot personnel and posted signage. 
  • Visitor parking is reserved for use by your visitor/invitees only. Tenant parking is prohibited at all times. 
  • You must notify parking office should vehicle information change.



  • Keycards are non transferable. Monthly parking privileges will be forfeited and keycard will be voided immediately. 
  • Vehicles entering the garage with a deactivated keycard are subject to the maximum daily rate. 
  • Ampco System Parking reserves the right to confiscate keycards if abuse is found. 
  • Keycard holders should not take tickets from the ticket dispenser. If you have taken a ticket to gain entrance in error, please see the parking manager. Your cooperation is appreciated. 
  • A deposit is required for all cards. If a keycard is broken, damaged or lost, your deposit will be forfeited and another deposit will be collected for a new keycard. 
  • Do not leave keycards in vehicle.



  • Monthly fees are due the first of each month. If fees are not paid by the fifth business day of the month, parking privileges are subject to cancellation. All checks should be made payable to UC Regents. Prorating is only available to new tenant parkers in the first month. 
  • All monthly parking contracts are on a month to month basis, unless stated otherwise in your lease agreement. 
  • For visitors parking information, please visit the Visitors Parking link.



  • Do not leave tickets in vehicles. 
  • You must notify parking office should vehicle information change. 
  • All valuables should be locked in the vehicle's trunk. Attendant and management are not responsible for contents. 
  • When tandem parked, do not submit all keys. Ignition switch and door key are the only keys required. 
  • If a vehicle is to be left overnight or for an extended stay, the Office of the Building must be notified in writing. Neither Ampco System Parking nor building owner assume any responsibility for vehicles left after hours. 
  • Customer agrees to report any damage caused by his/her vehicle to the parking office and agrees to report any damage to his/her vehicle before leaving the garage. 
  • Unauthorized services such as: mechanical repairs, tune-ups, oil changes, window tinting, phone, stereo, car alarm installation, washing or detailing, etc., are not permitted. 
  • All keys after 5:50 p.m. Monday - Friday are available at the security station in the front lobby.

Contact Information

Parking Services

Phone: (310) 794-3078
Fax: (310)794-3080